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Situated in the heart of Rome, Sa Tanca Crostaceria stands out to be the best choice for those who like to taste excellent seafood dishes coming from the inspiration of a prestigious cuisine.
Not only is a crustacean restaurant, Sa Tanca Crostacieria is a seafood restaurant well-known for its expert chefs and its high-quality fresh products.


The Lounge


When entering Sa Tanca Crostaceria restaurant it is possible to start a true taste experience from the lounge area.
Great champagne and delicious oysters tasting entertain you while relaxing on the couches or at the bar .




Rising bubbles silently and magically fly out from the bottom of the cup.
Like small balloons headed to the sky, they quickly go up shaping ordered columns from which wine shows its crystalline texture.

The bubbles emerge on the surface as abundant and sparkling foam then the white energy cools down and the bubbles create small jets spread all around that liquid feast, now ready to be drunk.

Popular names as Ferrari and Laurent-Perrier indicate the high quality of products and the wide range of selection made of key brands of wines, sparkling wines and champagne.


Oyster Bar


Historical evidence of luxury and wealth, true treasure of the black sea, oysters are the flagship products of Sa Tanca Crostaceria. As a result of collaboration with a prestigious partner like Ancelin, Sa Tanca Crostaceria provides the best of the world production.

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Closed on saturday and sunday lunch